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The candidate makes the party;
the party doesn’t make the candidate.

I am a successful American small business owner since 1987, with practical knowledge in
international languages, European national health care, and Middle East Politics.

I mean what I say, and I meant what I said in 2006 and 2008:

“As a Republican and Oklahoman who supports civil rights and our Constitution,
I pledge my support to Republicans, Conservative Democrats and Independents alike.
We are all Americans first and I am one of you. You are the power.”

Through my toughest experiences as a minority woman and as a candidate for State Senate in 2004 and U.S.
Congress in 2006 and 2008, I support our party’s principles. I will Establish unity,
and bring a unique and Highly beneficial to the political office and Utilize my vast International
Experience, Knowledge, Education and language in a more appropriate forum for
Political office in Washington.

Are you tired of the political status quo, and Big Government Statism?
We have all been outside of the parties for far too long.
Abandoning the parties will not change things,
but changing the party by voting for qualified candidates that represent

YOU will cause the party to change. Now it’s time to flip this house in 2010.
Here’s How to Get Flipping… It all starts with citizens like you taking a stand.
To take a stand; you can start by supporting my campaign for
Oklahoma’s First Congressional District on July 27, 2010,

The issues of greatest concern to me are:

sStrong Defense sHeath Care Reform sFiscal Discipline
s Cutting Taxes, or Creating the Fair Tax sEnergy Indpendence
s Parenting and Education sIllegal Immigration

Support Fran Moghaddam for Oklahoma’s First Congressional District
on July 27,2010.



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Gov. Keating was very
pleased with the great job that
Fran did in 2004!
“The President message to
Fran in 2007 ”
RNC Chairman Michel Steele honored Fran with the
gold card in 2010
keating health care reform
We all are Incredibly Proud
of our soldiers
We need experienced
people in Congress.
The President of WW11
Veterans Paul J. Andert
“I am honored to
be a Rotarian”
I am humbled to be a sponsor
for Grassfire Nation
Holocaust is part of our history
I am proud to be an American!
flag oklahoma flag tea party is flag
"Live free or Die"
Gen. J. Stark
"We are many, They are Few"
P. Shelly
"The Day of Reckoning Cometh!"
J.P. Bondosior