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Ms. Fran Moghaddam
for 29,792 House Flippers!

I learned about the Tea Party Express shortly after my disappointment with the Tea Party rallies on July 4th and 6-7th that I had arranged, because I'd received a special message from Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to share his message at my Tea Party rallies. Those were jeopardized by the Tulsa 9/12 Tea Party and the Tulsa Beacon newspaper, which misled citizens.
When they invited me to the Dallas Tea Party Rally, I updated my health care reform fact sheet and presented it to
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office. A few days later I met her in Washington at the Capital. 
She was pleased and thanked me, and we had a picture taken together.

The next tea party in Dallas was September 4th  

Tea Party Express at Labor Day, and Iranian Freedom
Tea Party Express at LABOR DAY, Friday, September 4th

Labor Day, the day America celebrates 233 years of freedom, yet freedom is a privilege most Americans take for granted,
but not me as a candidate for Oklahoma U.S. House of Representatives 1st District for the 3rd time.
I relish every single freedom because I have experienced what happens when freedom is taken away,
after I left Teheran (Iran) in 1978.

No matter what, we have to stand up for our freedom for the sake of our senior citizens, and our young and new generations.

My house has been under attack since 2006. This past Monday night someone broke into my car, which was in my garage,
and took all my valuable, personal belongings. It cost me a huge price. However, it did not discourage me from going
on my trip to Dallas for the Tea Party Express, which I had promised to show my support and celebrate our freedom,
as well as share my views with them on that unique and special day.

September 4th is very special to me because;

1) God gave me a very special gift at an early age, my first born son.

2) That day the Tea Party Express made my dream come true after seventeen years of working hard with passion and care to convince Democrat elected officials, when Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her health care in our state of Oklahoma, that National Health care is not right for our country in 1994. I witnessed thousands of Dallas’ citizens in all ages and races shouting out and supporting what I have believed since 1992. There was the most beautiful music, including Gov. Huckabees’ music team, and the citizens were dancing, singing and sending our message about health care reform to the nations while they were celebrating our freedom. I am sure it was and will be the same in other states, as well as in Washington D.C. on 9/12.

What a great answer from my mighty God to the aspiration that I have. Thanks to the President of the Tea Party Express, Glenn Beck and all conservative groups and talk shows.

What I saw in Dallas was not like what we see on video or TV, it was real and phenomenal. I was singing and dancing with them to share my happiness at the same time I was praising God who used me for this purpose or plan. He sent me a message in my 40 days of praying and said “I give you knowledge, experience and education to share with others, not to keep for yourself. Anything I have done since 1978 in united State of America was God’s plan, not mine, except my education.

The November 4th 2009 Tea Party Express at the Oklahoma State Capitol was great, especially since I remember when, back in 1994, at the same place with Oklahoma insurance brokers, we praised our Almighty God that special night for sending those Angels, the 'Tea Party Express,' to our state to support what we Oklahoma insurance brokers supported 16 years ago at the same place. We held a demonstration when the bill for national health care proposed by Hillary Clinton was about to pass. She (Clinton) was campaigning for her health care plan the same time in our state of Oklahoma. I was the lucky one who had the opportunity to successfully communicate with Speaker of the House Mr. Grove and State Representative Laura Boyd, who had the bill. I'd shared my concerns, letters and documents demonstrating that National Health Care is not right for our country. I'm thankful to them, otherwise we might have had a national health plan since 1994!
We had a great time singing and dancing, especially with the new song that they made for World War Two veterans (my favorite group – they secured for us what we have now). That is why I invited them to Tulsa for my World War Two veterans' club on April 2nd! Every good thing comes to this group as a special interest and republicans in name only in Tulsa will fail.
Someday soon they may glean from Texas better laws regarding taxes and Tea Parties, for the sake of our country and new generation.

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