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American Health Care System VS National Health Care Plan

We Have To Do Something To Become Somebody
I am wondering why they waited 15 years and are still just talking!!!

In 1992-1994, from over 23,000 Insurance Brokers and Agents, and all Republican and Democratic state elected officials, I was the one elected as a successful business owner in the insurance profession since 1987, and have an extensive background in this widely debated market, as well as having firsthand knowledge of the real concerns facing our citizens, especially our senior Citizens with a working knowledge of Europeans’ National health care plan, and their policies, life styles, their inflation rates, and government control. I have responded with detailed letters and documents to Senators Nickels, Boren, and Congressman Inhofe and have worked with the government on a state level in both parties in an effort to better equip our policymakers with information and facts regarding National Health Care. Lengthy and fruitful discussions with Mr. Glover, Speaker pro Tem (D), and Laura Boyd, State Rep.(D), led to my preparing materials in anticipation of our former first Lady Hillary Clinton’s visit to our state in 1994 when she campaigned for her National Health Care Plan, which would have been WRONG FOR OUR COUNTRY. As a result they have realized that there is a big difference between our American life style and Europeans, and Americans cannot tolerate government control like socialist or communist countries. In many other countries, for example, when someone has allergies the government tells them to remove their carpet and put hard wood floors in Sweden; high inflation like paying $7 for a gallon of gas!!, $6 for a loaf of bread, $16 for raw chicken, or $40 for a medium pizza, and they have to wait at least 6 months for major surgery. You can find out about Canadian National Health Care here.

We can reform our health care system by providing affordable comprehensive benefits with 2-3 open options in different ways for different groups of citizens, and by analyzing each area and groups based on their needs. We can also help and educate people who are involved with the health care system to provide accessibility of clinics with alternative treatments to prevent EXPENSIVE emergency room visits. We can reduce costs and promote our citizens health before they become ill. I have provided a detailed plan, which was recently forwarded to Senator Coburn’s office as requested.

I also have received a nice letter from Laura Boyd, State Representative, Democrat, after Hillary left Oklahoma. See below for an excerpt of the letter:

Dear Ms. Moini / Moghaddam
I am in receipt of your fax which you sent to me on April 18th, 1994. I always appreciate input from individuals and organizations regarding proposed legislation, and welcome the opportunity to hear from you again in the future.

Sincerely, Laura W. Boyd, Ph.D.

State Representative House District 44

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