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4th of July Celebration

In God We Trust

Honoring Our Heroic Veterans

Ordinary People Made Extraordinary Things in World War Two.

This is the message to the nation for the 4th of July Celebration:

As a conservative Oklahoman and a former candidate for the State Senate District 25 in 2004, two terms for the US Congress First District in 2006 and 2008, and #118 Precinct Caucus Chairwoman I am honored and humbled to invite Oklahomans ‘open to all parties’ for the July 4th celebration.

The 65 World War Two anniversary speeches from our allies at Omaha Beach were educational and very emotional for me, because it reminded me of my father who was talking to a group of our relatives and friends when I was a little girl. He said, “America saved us from Russia,” and mentioned some horrific experiences that he had in World War Two , and that is why he kept his gun in our house to protect my Mother and I, in case something like that happened again. At the time I had no idea America would later become my own country. I am eternally grateful to my almighty God and our heroic veterans for our freedom and so many blessings that I’ve enjoyed in the United States of America, “My God chosen Home .“ I know what it is like to have your freedom, your rights, and your loved one’s life taken away from you. No one would take freedom for granted if they had experienced the things I did. I hope that no one has to experience what the victims of September 11th and I have endured. This is why I am so passionate about our security, freedom, and honoring our heroic veterans who have given us what we now have. It is time to stand together to keep our country as ‘the world leader’ and to help people who are suffering under dictatorship governments.

June 12, 2009 was our former President George W H. Bush’s 85th birthday, “our Honorable Heroic Veteran,” who amazed everyone when he jumped out of an airplane. Now we know age is just a number. This is why I decided to vote for the Iranian President the same day, on that special day of good luck, for the first time I my life.

4th of July rally and Health Care Reform rally was jeopardized by the same people who jeopardized the recent Tea Party Express in Tulsa on April 2nd of this year.